Dave The Diver- How To Get Mjolnir And God Of Lightning Achievement

Dave the DiverAre you looking for the ultimate adventure underwater in Dave The Diver? Look no further than the Glacial Area, where the legendary hammer of Thor, Mjolnir, is waiting to be discovered. But finding Mjolnir is no easy feat; you will have to explore, break a rock, retrieve the hammer, and even catch a fish with it. Luckily, this post will guide you through this exciting journey to unlock the God of Lightning achievement.

How And Where To Get Mjolnir In Dave The Diver

Step 1: Explore The Glacial Area

The first thing you need to do is find the Glacial Area where Mjolnir is hidden. This area is in the winter biome, so pack the appropriate gear. Once you arrive, look for an Aquamarine rock or a block of ice that stands out from the surroundings. Remember, this is a random spawn, so you may need to explore the area a bit before you find it.

Step 2: Break The Glacial Rock

Once you have found the Aquamarine rock, you must break it to reveal Mjolnir trapped inside. Depending on your equipment, this may require multiple attempts or specific actions, so keep trying until you successfully break the rock. We recommend using your tools, such as a fully upgraded Dive Knife, or any available equipment i.e. a pickaxe that can deal significant damage to break the rock.

Step 3: Retrieve The Mjolnir

After successfully breaking the rock, you can retrieve Mjolnir from inside it. Interact with the rock to pull out the hammer and add it to your inventory. Congratulations, you have found the legendary Mjolnir, but that’s not all!

Step 4: God Of Lightning Achievement

The key to unlocking the God of Lightning achievement is to catch a fish using Mjolnir. Equip the hammer as your primary tool and venture into the underwater depths to find and catch a fish using it.
Aim at a fish and use the hammer after charging it for a while or you can whack on their face. If there is a fish nearby, it will channel a chain of lightning dealing 80% of damage to it. Collect the fish and voila! You have unlocked the God of Lightning achievement.

Once you get back into the ship then the Mjolnir will simply disappear from your inventory so make sure you use the weapon and collect the achievement. For more informative guides on Dave The Diver, click on the links that have been mentioned below the description:

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