Dave The Diver- Check Out The Rock Pile

Dave the DiverHave you ever played the game Dave the Diver? If you’re a fan of exploration and adventure games, you’re in for a treat. If you haven’t played this game yet, it’s time to dive right into the vast sea. In this game, you are the adventurous Dave who loves to explore and discover new things in the deep sea. One such exciting place to discover in the game is the Rock Pile. This blog post will guide you to discover this hidden gem and complete the “Beyond the Rock Pile” mission.

Where To Find The Rock Pile In Dave The Diver

The Rock Pile is one of the most popular and important place to discover in Dave the Diver. The location of the Rock Pile in Dave the Diver is not fixed, and it won’t be the same in everyone’s game. However, you can access it by following the compass provided in the game. The compass will lead you to the Rock Pile at approximately 90 meters depth. Once you reach there, install the bomb, which will detonate, revealing the entrance to a Sea People Record Chamber. The bomb and other essential tools will be provided by Dr. Bacon.

Exploring The Sea People Record Chamber

Once in the recording chamber, you’ll have to investigate three points of interest marked on-screen by magnifying glasses. Carefully look around the chamber, and you’ll find some interesting things to discover. You’ll see ancient artifacts, pots, and writings on the walls that could help you solve certain puzzles in the game. After exploring the chamber, you’ll be instructed to photograph the large mural on the wall. Follow the instructions to do this successfully and record it in your logbook.

Collecting The Artifact

After taking the picture, your next task is to collect a valuable artifact inside the chamber. Pick up the artifact i.e. placed in the bottom. Be sure to grab it and record its description in your logbook. It’s essential to add these details to your logbook for future reference and to complete the mission. After a while, you will hear sea people talking which will be currently not understandable as you have not unlocked the translator. Follow the mission as said and return to the boat in order to complete it.

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