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Dave the Diver

Establishing a thriving sushi empire in Dave The Diver can be as demanding as exploring the depths of the ocean. The combination of deep-sea expeditions and the culinary business requires proficient staff members to ensure efficient operations and deliver delightful seafood to your customers. This comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge to successfully hire and manage qualified personnel in Dave The Diver.

Dave The Diver Hire Employee

Utilizing your expertise in social media and marketing can greatly benefit your recruitment efforts in Dave The Diver. Unlike games that offer instant engagement with a click of a button, Dave The Diver requires you to strategically advertise to attract potential staff members. Within the Management menu, under the Hiring Method window, you have three advertising options: Flyer Ad, TV Ad, and Internet Ad. Let’s explore each strategy in detail.

Flyer Ad: This cost-effective option requires 50 in-game coins and targets workers with the current Cooksta rating. It provides a selection of up to two applicants.

TV Ad: The TV Ad approach, priced at 150 coins, targets employees above your current Cooksta rating. It offers a choice of up to three applicants.

Internet Ad: For a premium investment of $400, the Internet Ad draws highly qualified applicants surpassing your Cooksta rating. It allows you to choose from a maximum of four applications, widening the pool of talent available to you.

Consider allocating a larger budget for advertising to attract more qualified and exceptional applicants for Dave The Diver. The quality of candidates is influenced by your Cooksta level, which represents your in-game social media presence. Over time, you can increase your Cooksta level and unlock achievements to further enhance your recruitment prospects.

Dave The Diver Staff Guide

Once you have posted your advertisement in Dave The Diver, you will be able to access the Applicant List within the Management menu. In this list, you will find various staff members, each with their own set of skills and stats that distinguish them from one another. These stats include Cooking, Serving, Procure, and Appeal, which are important factors in determining the suitability of an applicant for specific tasks. When reviewing an applicant, you will be able to see the stats they can potentially reach once they reach level 20. This allows you to assess their growth and potential in performing their assigned tasks effectively.

It is crucial to consider the individual stats of each staff member when assigning them tasks in Bancho, the restaurant management section of the game. Staff members with high Cooking stats, for example, are better suited for kitchen-related duties, while those with strong Serving stats may excel in interacting with customers. Matching the right staff member to the appropriate task will ensure optimal performance and efficiency within your restaurant.

To further enhance your staff’s capabilities, it is important to continuously train and upgrade them. As staff members level up and undergo upgrades, they will unlock special perks that provide significant stat boosts. These perks play a vital role in improving their overall performance and making them more valuable assets to your restaurant. By carefully managing and developing your staff members, you can build a team of skilled individuals who contribute to the success and prosperity of your sushi empire in Dave The Diver.

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