Dave The Diver Best Staff & Staff Roles Guide

Dave the Diver

In the immersive world of Dave The Diver, players immerse themselves in the task of procuring nutritious fish from the vast ocean to create delicious culinary delights. However, managing a thriving sushi restaurant requires dedicated employees who can attend to customers’ needs in Dave’s absence. These employees play a vital role in serving dishes, assisting Bancho with cooking, and ensuring a sufficient supply of wasabi for customers. By delegating these tasks to employees, players can optimize their time and focus on exploring new depths and uncovering hidden treasures.

Once players have mastered the intricacies of the advertisement system, they can embark on a quest to recruit competent staff members to support their restaurant operations. Staff members in Dave The Diver are categorized into different ranks, with platinum and gold representing the highest tiers. While finding employees of such exceptional caliber may be challenging, the advantages they bring make the effort worthwhile. It is important to note that there are also valuable employees in lower tiers who possess surprisingly high skill levels or unique abilities that greatly contribute to the smooth functioning of the restaurant. Recognizing their potential can give the establishment a valuable head start.

Dave The Diver Best Staff

In Dave The Diver, staff members can be broadly classified into three categories: serving, cooking, and procurement. Serving staff members handling client interactions and ensuring cleanliness within the restaurant premises. Cooking staff members specialize in food preparation, ensuring each dish is skillfully crafted. Procurement staff members possess the unique ability to increase the restaurant’s income. These distinct categories streamline the roles and responsibilities of staff members, contributing to the efficient functioning of the establishment.

Among the notable staff members in Dave The Diver, three individuals stand out in their respective categories:

  • El Nino: An exceptional employee in the serving category, El Nino’s serving skills reach an impressive 1033 points at level 20. With abilities as a Drink Serving Master and Cleaning Master, he excels at serving beverages and swiftly tidying up messy areas. Selecting El Nino as a service worker is highly recommended.
  • Yone: While Yone may not contribute to service tasks, her cooking prowess is unmatched. At the maximum level, her cooking skills reach an impressive 1752 points. With the Cooking++ ability, Yone’s cooking proficiency constantly improves, and her Ingredient Prepping Expert skill increases the variety of dishes available on the menu. When searching for an exceptional chef, Yone is an ideal choice.
  • Itsuki: Despite initially offering only one point in each category, Itsuki’s affordability at 4 gold makes her a budget-friendly option, especially in the early stages of the game. The advantage lies in her remarkable progress with each training session, ultimately making her one of the best workers at level 20. Itsuki’s unique abilities include automatically serving drinks and captivating guests with her irresistible charm.

These outstanding staff members possess distinct skills and qualities that make them valuable assets to the restaurant.

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