Lies Of P Find The Weeping Woman Baby Location & Choices

Lies Of P

In “Lies of P,” your journey takes you to diverse locations with the invaluable assistance of Stargazer. The initial quest in this immersive game is bestowed upon you by a grief-stricken woman, whom you can locate near the third Stargazer known as “Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard.” Departing from the Stargazer, your path leads you outside, where you must proceed and turn right, traversing a plank and ascending a rooftop. As you continue forward, a red butterfly catches your eye—an adversary you must defeat in order to acquire extraordinary items. Just beyond the butterfly, a descending ladder awaits, guiding you to the next phase.

Descending the ladder’s left side, you will discover a weeping woman positioned near a window. Ascending yet another ladder grants you access to her presence, allowing for meaningful conversation. It is during this encounter that the woman asks you to locate her missing child.

Where To Find The Weeping Woman Baby Location

During your interaction with the distressed woman, valuable information regarding the whereabouts of the baby will be revealed—the baby is located at Krat City Hall. To reach this destination, you must continue onward after vanquishing the formidable Mad Donkey and make your way toward the Krat City Hall Stargazer.

Upon arrival, a small flight of stairs will lead you downwards. Descend the stairs and veer left, where you will encounter two sets of stairs ascending, flanking a central fountain. Ascend both sets of stairs, and on the left side, an eerie sight awaits—a headless mini-boss.

Behind this boss, you will discover the baby’s location, lying on the ground. It will resemble other items obtained by vanquishing puppets—an iridescent blue glowing orb. Astonishingly, the baby will be revealed as a broken puppet. Your next objective is to return this baby puppet to the weeping lady, triggering a new quest.

Lies Of P Choices She’s A Cute Baby Or Thats A Puppet

While the impact of choices on the endgame remains unknown, a pivotal moment arises when you return the baby puppet to the weeping woman, presenting you with two distinct options. This marks the second choice available in the game’s demo.

Update: Choosing “She’s cute, baby” will lead you to the lie ending, while selecting “That’s a puppet” will guide you to the truth ending. However, obtaining these endings requires you to either lie or tell the truth during other quests as well.

The woman will inquire about the baby’s adorableness, offering you the following choices: “She’s a cute baby” or “That’s a Puppet.” Opting for the former response, expressing that “She’s a cute baby,” will fill the woman’s heart with joy, rewarding you generously for completing the quest. Your achievements will be met with two rewards—an intriguing recording disk titled “Feel” and a precious Clear Ergo Fragment.

However, should you choose the alternative response, declaring “That’s a Puppet,” the lady will be taken aback and accuse her own family of manipulating you to lie. She will earnestly implore you to embrace honesty, cautioning that the path of falsehood leads only to sorrow. Consequently, she will bestow upon you solely the Clear Ergo Fragment, withholding the recording disk as a consequence of your choice.

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