Town Of Salem 2- How To Play Voodoo Master

Town of Salem 2Town Of Salem 2 is a multiplayer strategy game that has become increasingly popular. The Voodoo Master character in the game has one of the most unique roles. This role requires the ability to exert influence over other players, and it has the potential to be quite effective if played properly. We’ll take you through every aspect of playing Voodoo Master in this guide. So, get ready to create chaos in Town Of Salem 2 with the Voodoo Master.

How To Play Voodoo Master Strategy Guide In Town Of Salem 2

As said above, Voodoo Master is one of the unique roles you can play in that game. As a Voodoo Master, you can create a voodoo doll of the selected target at night and silence them. The silenced target cannot talk or vote the next following day. However, you cannot target the same player again on the next day. Pairing this ability with other Coven members or using your ability in certain scenarios will prove this role’s true worth.

Manipulating Your Targets

One of the best strategies for playing Voodoo Master is manipulating your targets. Once you see that the Townies are suspicious of a player, you can silence the suspected player. The next day, he will not be able to use his chat and defend himself whereas creating a more suspicious aura around him. Make sure that you keep your role hidden if you need to create more impact in the game, so avoid using your ability carelessly in the first round.

Playing Mind Games

As mentioned earlier, if your role is hidden then the Town members will be caught by surprise and cannot react. Even targeting the Investigative Town members will render them powerless for the next day. Many players forget that Voodoo Master’s silence can stop that player from voting. So, if your Coven is in a position where your Necronomicon holder can kill a revealed Townie and silence another member then their voting process will be in jeopardy.


Playing Voodoo Master in Town Of Salem 2 can be a highly rewarding experience if you play it correctly. You can dominate the game and be a clutch player for your Faction when playing to your role strengths. Still, it’s important to maintain a constant advantage over the other players and never let your guard down.

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