Town Of Salem 2- How To Play Doomsayer Guide

Town of Salem 2Town of Salem 2 is a fun and exciting game. While there are many roles to play, one of the most interesting is the Doomsayer. This role can cause some serious damage if played correctly. The number of players that need to be doomed is 3 to achieve your victory. In this guide, we’ll explore how to play this role effectively.

How To Play Doomsayer In Town Of Salem 2

As a Doomsayer, it’s important to understand that your goal is to target players who may threaten the Town. Your ability allows you to guess 3 player roles at night. If you have successfully managed to guess the roles of 3 players then you will leave the town achieving victory. Belonging to a Neutral (Evil) Faction, your actions affect Town members or Coven members dearly.


On the first night randomly select players and guess which random factions they belong to instead of passing a valuable night doing nothing. The notification will pop up and show how many guesses you made are correct. However, whose player faction you have guessed correctly will not be revealed. It is important to know that you cannot target Town Investigative.

During the next day, create a believable story, and do not disclose your true role identity. Keep in check and read all the chats as players reveal their roles to gain credibility. Once you successfully guess the correct role of a single player, the Doomsayer role will be revealed which will create suspicion on those who are not verified.

The best-case scenario for the Doomsayer is to guess all 3 player roles correctly from the get-go. It is difficult but it is achievable. Even getting 2 correct guesses will increase your chance to win considerably. Roles such as Mayor, Deputy or Prosecutor which is revealed, or even Admirer are easy targets for Doomsayer. Remember you are in a Neutral Faction so nothing else matters except you leaving the Town and appeasing the Old Ones.

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