Street Fighter 6 All Masters Location & How To Find Them

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In Street Fighter 6, an exhilarating feature awaits players in the form of the World Tour mode. This groundbreaking gameplay element allows individuals to delve into the creation of their own characters, paving the way for an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and martial arts prowess.

Through this immersive experience, players venture into the world to acquire diverse fighting styles, ultimately ascending to the status of esteemed masters. As they triumph over various challenges, characters from Street Fighter 6 will cross paths, opening doors to unparalleled mentorship and sharing their fighting style. Below you will find the location of all masters and how to find them.

Street Fighter 6 Every Master Location


To learn Blanka’s moves, you must reach Chapter 6 where you can travel to new destinations. Blanka can be found in his Ranger’s Hut in Brazil. You must go to the world map and visit Brazil to find Blanka and master his style.


To find Cammy you need to visit England, but you won’t be able to do so without a ticket. To obtain a ticket to England, you need to first reach Chapter 7 to obtain a free Metro pass from Luke. Enter the metro to find an NPC that will give you a side quest called “Special Unit Del-“. In this quest, you work with Alfred and his team to defeat the Mad Gear Gang members. Once the quest is completed go back to the NPC and interact with him to obtain a ticket to England.


Meeting Chun-Li is a part of the main story and you can find her in Chinatown in Chapter 2.

Dee Jay 

In chapter 6, Luke will ask you to find a souvenir and you can visit Bather’s Beach, Jamaica to find Dee Jay and learn his style.


During Chapter 9, in the southern part of the metro city, you will find a park that you need to visit during the daytime. There you will find an NPC called Anik who will sell you a statue. Buy the statue, go back to your hideout, and switch to nighttime. Revisit Anik again to start a battle and once the battle ends, you will obtain a travel ticket to India where you can find Dhalsim and learn his style.

E Honda 

Meeting him is a part of the main story and after taking a picture of him you will be able to interact and use his style.


During Chapter 8 when you have to wear a SiRN labcoat, you need to visit a construction site in the metro city. There you will find Jonathon whom you need to interact. He will send you to Grace Marina Pier to find an NPC that will transport you to a military naval base. There you will find Guile and interact with him multiple times to learn his style.


In Chapter 8, when you visit Chinatown to meet Li-Fen, you have to visit an alleyway. There you will find Jamie fighting with some thugs and mistake you for one of them. You will start a battle with Jamie and after the battle, interact with him to learn his style.


In chapter 12, you need to visit the Central Bazaar during the daytime and speak with the NPC called Govind. Then change the time to night and visit the eastern alleyway and fight with the NPC. In that alley, you can find Juri to interact with and make her your master.


You will unlock him once the world tour main story ends. Go to the Suval’hal Arena entrance during the nighttime. You can change the time of the day by using the hangout in Old Nayshall. There interact with JP to learn his style.


In Chapter 8-3, you need to visit the construction site in a metro city and complete some side quests and battles. Once you have completed them Ken will be waiting for you to battle. After the battle interact with him to learn his style.


After the high-flying man mission in chapter 8, you can find Kimberly on the rooftop of a police station in the metro city during nighttime.


In Chapter 6-1, in the metro city Central Avenue, Downtown North look for a level 10 NPC called Ana who will give you a quest called “The Spirit Guide”. You need to bring back a stolen item from one of the Canary Crate members in Chinatown.

Go to China Town where you will find Chun-Li take a right towards the alley to find a level 13 NPC called Zimo from whom you will obtain the stolen item. Then visit the Thunderfoot Settlement, Mexico to find Lily and learn her style.


Part of the main story and his style will be accessible once the tutorial ends.


In chapter 11, you need to speak with Oscar in the beat square of the metro city. You need to first buy a Gi top and Gi bottom from the drippin style store and interact with Oscar again. Once you complete the side quest you will obtain a ticket to visit France where you will meet Manon.


Before you could meet Marisa, you need to find an NPC called Counterfeiter Leonardo in Downtown South Area to complete the “Search For The Bag” quest. Once you complete the quest, return back to Leonardo who will give you a flight ticket to Italy where you will meet Marisa. There you need to fight with her and then interact to learn her skills.


After meeting E Honda, visit the Genbu Temple, Japan to find Ryu. Take a picture of him and interact to learn his fighting style.


In chapters 9-2, you need to visit Urban Park and find an NPC called Uou to start a side mission. Then talk to another NPC called Saou who will tell you to fight with the first NPC Uou. After winning the battle, you will obtain a ticket to Russia where you can find Zangief.

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