Street Fighter 6 Thrasher Location How To Find Him

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In Street Fighter 6, you will come across a new game mode called World Tour. In this mode, you will create your avatar, find different masters and learn their skills. Complete various challenges and battles to become stronger. In this mode, there will be chapters to complete and each chapter has many sub-quests. One of the quests you will come across in chapter 11 will be to find Thrasher and talk to him. Below you will find the Thrasher location and when you can find him.

Street Fighter 6 Thrasher Location

Thrasher is the leader of the Mad Gear gang who terrorizes the Metro city at night. You will meet Thrasher for the first time in chapters 4-1 where you need to wait until nightfall and then meet with the Mad Gear Gang.

There you have to fight Mad Gear Elissa before you could take the ladder to meet the gang leader. In this quest, you need to change the time of the day multiple times by resting in your hangout spot.

Thrasher Location

Once you reach chapters 11-1, you will get another quest, in which you have to find Thrasher and talk to him. In this quest, the location of the Thrasher won’t be marked on the map. To locate Thrasher you need to visit the location marked in the above image during the nighttime near the hangout place. There you will find two sets of ladders that you need to climb and then turn right to find Thrasher.

You can either directly visit Thrasher if you remember the location, else you need to talk to Elissa and another NPC to find out the location. During the daytime, you need to visit Abigail’s Scrapyard and interact with Elissa who will mention you can find Thrasher during the nighttime. To find the scrapyard you can look out for the Junkyard Smallz mini-game on the map.

During the night visit scrapyard again to find an NPC that will give out Thrasher’s location and a marker will appear on the map. Visit the marker to find Thrasher at that location.

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