Diablo 4- What Is The Dark Statue That Gaze Deep Into Your Soul

Diablo 4In Diablo 4, there are multiple shrines, statues, and various other structures but one that outshines and instill curiosity would be the Dark Statue. Once you get inside the purple-colored circle, you will notice that there is a buff that says Gained Circle Of Shadows i.e. “You feel a presence that gazes deep into your soul“. What do with this dark statue? We have explained everything you need to know about so the next time when you encounter the dark statue, nothing would be a mystery.

What To Do At Dark Statues That Gaze Deep Into Your Soul In Diablo 4

Similar to the side quests where we have to visit the shrine and perform a specific Emote i.e. “Thanks” that requires you to “Wait” in order to complete the quest. There is no mention or hint except scribbled writings and the notification that says “You feel a presence that gazes deep into your soul“. Perform Emotes such as “Greet“, “Help“, “Taunt” etc. in random.

One of those emotes will trigger the statue and provide you with a small buff such as to gain a temporary buff or stay invisible for a smaller duration that deals increased damage. So, whenever you see a dark statue and a purple-colored ritual circle, spam multiple emotes standing inside the circle until the presence grants you buff.

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