Diablo 4- Murmuring Obols How To Get And Where To Spend It

Diablo 4In any role-playing game similar to Diablo 4, it is common to have multiple currencies in order to offer specific vendors. Speaking of multiple currencies, apart from Gold, the Murmuring Obols is a form of currency i.e. used to exchange shady weapons and Silent keys from the vendor who will be available in the first Town.

Murmuring Obols And Where To Spend It At Diablo 4

The very first Town where you will enter after the Prologue would be Kyovashad. In one of the biggest towns, there are multiple vendors and the one who deals with Murmuring Obols is “Purveyor Of Curiosities“.

There are weapons and pieces of equipment that have mystery stats on them. The rarity is also a mystery, so it is recommended to either purchase and stock Whispering Key that costs 20 Murmuring Obols rather than weapons at the beginning. Why? Because when you level up your character, in the world, you have a chance to obtain weapons and equipment that far surpasses previous level items.

How To Get Murmuring Obols?

Murmuring Obols are obtained after completing the live Events that happen all around the map. The red or orange colored circle in the minimap will appear after you visit the area, to identify where the event is live.

Either successfully or unsuccessfully completing the Event will grant Murmuring Obols from the Radiant Chest. The number of Murmuring Obols differs when you compare an unsuccessful vs successful task i.e. completed under a given time frame.

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