Town Of Salem 2- How To Play Wildling Guide

Town of Salem 2Welcome, fellow gamers! Today, we’ll discuss the popular online multiplayer game Town of Salem 2. It’s a game of deception where players assume different roles with unique abilities to eliminate their opponents. The Wildling is one of the game’s unique roles and when used properly, it can single-handedly deduce all the roles of players. In this post, we’ll dive deep into Wildling’s strategy and offer tips on using them to their full potential.

How To Play Wildling Role In Town Of Salem 2

The Wildling is a role that can see all the movement around the selected player i.e. affected by your ability “Sense”. The one who visited him or in the meantime, the player who visited someone else in the Nighttime will be revealed. Meaning Wildling has a chance to obtain valuable intel on Day 2 when the killings will be revealed. For example, when you Sense a townie such as Seer who has the ability to visit two players in a single night. So, when you see a single player visiting two other players, then do not hesitate to fill up your Notepad. The player’s role or the murderer’s role who visited the victim will be revealed on the next day. Fill that out and pretend to be a Town Investigative in order to win their trust and backstab them later.


You can’t whisper every time as it might seem suspicious to other Factions. Either whisper to everyone or the one who holds more power such as Jailor, Deputy, Prosecutor, and so on. It is recommended to create a fake Persona such as Investigator or Spy or Lookout as your ability coincides with them. Win their trust and start lynching the Neutral or other Factions. Once you have the Necronomicon, you will need to select the target depending on the information and importance of roles. Most importantly do not stand out because your true worth lies when you are alive to gather the intel.

Team Synergy Is Key

Working well with your team can significantly boost the effectiveness of your role. If you can cooperate with your teammates, you can create a powerful force that can easily sway the game. Identifying your allies and creating plans that ensure the group’s safety and ultimate victory is crucial. Additionally, use your ability to sway powerful opposing team members into helping you win; this is a powerful asset in winning the game.

Honing Your Social Skills

Being social in the Town of Salem 2 is crucial. If you can convince people of something, you can easily manipulate the game’s outcome in your favor. Wildlings can use this to their advantage and create solid alliances that help them win. Mastering the art of persuasion can help you gain allies from other factions and convince key players to join your team. Once everyone works together, winning becomes much easier, and the opposing team will struggle to keep up.


Playing as a Wildling in Town of Salem 2 is an exciting and challenging experience. You can be a valuable member of your team and contribute to their victory if you have the right plan in place.
By understanding your role and honing your social skills, you can create a team of powerful allies and dominate the game. So, next time you play, remember these tips and let the Wildling lead your team to victory!

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