Town Of Salem 2- How To Play Illusionist Guide

Town of Salem 2Town of Salem 2 is a game of wit and strategy where players play various roles in a town. The Illusionist role, which enables players to trick and manipulate other players, is one of the most interesting in the game. This guide is aimed at helping Town of Salem 2 players master the Illusionist strategy and take control of the game.

How To Play The Illusionist Role In Town Of Salem 2

The Illusionist role is a part of the Coven faction, meaning your goal as an Illusionist is to eliminate the town members and outnumber them. However, unlike the other evil roles focused on killing and manipulating others, the Illusionist’s main strength lies in deception. Essentially, the Illusionist is a “Master of Illusions” who can make other players believe things that are not true using their powerful illusions.

Creating The Perfect Illusions

To master the Illusionist Strategy in Town of Salem 2, you must always Cast your illusion to your Coven member who has the Necronomicon. Next, observe the flow of conversations and identify potential illusions to create. For example, if someone claims to be a Doctor or a Bodyguard, you can use your illusions to create a fake target that will make the person waste their abilities. Alternatively, you could create fake leads to throw off the town and convince them to vote for innocent players.

Manipulating The Town

A great way to succeed as an Illusionist is to manipulate the town members. You can create illusions and plant fake leads that cause confusion and misdirection. For example, creating a fake investigator’s report to draw attention to an innocent player or creating a false claim for someone already caught in a lie. With proper execution, the town can quickly spiral into confusion, leading to the town lynching the wrong player and helping the Illusionist win the game.

Collaborating with Other Evil Roles

Collaborating with other evil roles is another way to succeed in the game. As an Illusionist, you must convince other evil players that your illusions are authentic to gain trust and encourage teamwork. For example, you could create a fake result to support the claims of a Serial Killer. This can lead to more effective neutral kills, helping the faction achieve its objectives and helping you win the game.


Mastering the Illusionist strategy in Town of Salem 2 can be a lot of fun, and the key to success lies in creating believable illusions, manipulating the town members, and working in tandem with other evil roles. With these tips, you should be well on your way to outsmarting and tricking the town while eliminating opposition and achieving victory.

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