Town Of Salem 2- How To Play Executioner Guide

Town of Salem 2

Looking to master the Executioner role in Town Of Salem 2? You are at the proper location. The Executioner is one of the most unusual and difficult roles you can take on in the Town of Salem regarding gameplay. You must deceive the rest of the town and persuade them to vote for your selected target player as a lynching candidate. You will be converted into a jester and torment a guilty voter to eliminate them with such a cool win-screen. This guide will thoroughly explain how to play the Executioner strategy, whether you are new to this role or an experienced player looking to improve your skills and win more games.

How To Play Executioner Guide At Town Of Salem 2

You must first understand that there are two choices available in this game. The traditional path requires fulfilling the agenda of the neutral faction, which means killing everyone who stands in your way and reaching your main objective. The other one, the Executioner’s path, requires you to deceive the Town and convince them to lynch your selected target.

Identifying Your Target

Choosing the right target is highly important in executing the strategy. You may select a target randomly or go for one acting suspiciously. But the smart thing to do is to select a player confirmed by the Town and lynch them out. If you succeed in lynching them, you can gain an advantage in the game.

Deception & Persuasion

Communication is the key to succeeding as an Executioner. You must create a believable backstory to manipulate the Town and gain their trust. Start by participating actively in conversations and providing valuable information. If someone accuses your target, defend them convincingly, and try to shift the spotlight to someone else.

In addition to that, try to create fake evidence that proves your target’s guilt and convince the Town to vote for their lynching. Remember to provide genuine reasons that are rational and supported by facts.

Be Careful

Playing as an Executioner requires you to tread carefully. You must remember that you are alone in the game, and everybody else is an opponent. Avoid getting too close to anyone, and keep your identity as an Executioner a secret unless absolutely necessary. Moreover, ensure you have a solid name to sell yourself to the Town.


The Executioner strategy is all about deception and persuasion. To master the game, you need to be an excellent communicator with a sound understanding of the game’s mechanics. Remember to choose your targets wisely, deceive the Town with a narrative, create fake evidence, and be careful who you share information with. Follow these tips and you can become a great Executioner to lead the Townies to victory.

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