Town Of Salem 2- How To Play Potion Master Guide

Town of Salem 2Town Of Salem 2 is a role-playing game where the Potion Master is a part of the Coven Faction and possesses 3 potions that can be used. From Night 1, two potions are available in the beginning that would be “Shield“, and “Reveal“. The third potion i.e. “Kill” is locked and can only be used when you have obtained the Necronomicon. So, how to play this one of the utility based Coven members?

How To Play Potion Master At Town Of Salem 2

In the beginning, you will always need to Reveal one of the suspicious players or randoms when you have nothing to go on. Even if you have a Necronomicon it is essential to hold on to it instead of revealing that there is a Potion Master in a game after a kill. The Reveal Potion will reveal the role of the target to all Coven members which is extremely powerful. This also conceals your role as you are passive. Revealing others’ roles constantly is beneficial for your Coven members to target them.

Firstly, only one Necronomicon can exist in a game and if the previous owner dies it will be passed on randomly. The only one who can get Necronomicon on Day 1 is Coven Leader. Other Coven members including Potion Master will receive Necronomicon randomly if Coven Leader does not exist. Once Coven Leader dies, the Necronomicon will be given randomly to any Coven Member.

Next is Shielding one of the Coven members who might seem to be useful and guarantees chaos when he is alive for most of the Nights such as Poisoner. The Coven members who are going to target Town members and if they have Town protectives on their side, it is recommended to shield your ally always as you can negate their attacks.

Potentially your role is good to support other Coven members as revealing the player’s role. If you manage to reveal the high-priority targets such as Mafioso, Jailor, Vigilanet, or Deputy, instantly go for the kill as it is more harmful for your Faction when they are alive.

Killing should not be practiced before Night 2 if you have Necronomicon unless your Faction holds an initiative or on in an advantageous position. Hiding your role for Days by passively playing and deceiving Town Members will get you close to the win or create Chaos as they struggle to find Coven Faction who holds the Necronomicon.

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