Town Of Salem 2- How To Play Coroner

Town of Salem 2Town Of Salem 2 is a role-playing strategic game where your end goal is to win whether you are a Town Investigative or in any other Faction. The role that we are going to explain in this guide is Coroner which aligns with Town Investigative. He has no attack nor defense but his unique ability makes this role somewhat useful until you are alive. So, let’s go deep onto the subject of how to play the Coroner.

How To Play Coroner In Tower Of Salem 2

A Coroner is a town investigator who has the ability to perform an autopsy and collect data left in the victim’s body during Day. After collecting the data, you will have to Examine a player whether they have killed the player in question at Night. Remember Townies are always the highly prioritized targets that other Factions would likely to go for from the beginning. So, revealing yourself early without any Town Protectives to defend is a blunder.

The coroner is a weak role but as mentioned earlier if you have Town Protectives on your side and manage to find the killers unless they are dead, then you can guarantee to cost other Factions a lot. Finding a killer or two are enough to accomplish your role potential to its maximum. Due to the fact that there are a number of killers in the game, it makes it hard for Coroner to perform their duty and find the culprit.

The best pair for the Coroner can be an Admirer. If you accept the Proposal, you will be safeguarded from any incoming attack as they will Care for you. After successfully performing an Autopsy, you will be highlighted and become every other Factions number 1 priority. However, Admirer can prove to be clutch when he Cares for you and defends you for two nights in succession.

The coroner is weak alone but paired with other Town Protective/Investigative members, you can become a nuisance and predict a Night attack that will be redirected on you. Your goal is to survive mainly as you can’t find the murderer when you are dead, so feel free to whisper and ask for help from others who claim to be a Town member. If they are faking their role, then write it down on your Last Will to lynch them out.

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