Town Of Salem 2- How To Play Admirer

Town of Salem 2Town Of Salem 2, is a strategic role-playing game that has 4 Factions, and under that multiple roles have been aligned. Admirer who is a part of the Town Faction has always been a bland role that has a strong ability to identify and gather valuable information with your interaction with any player. The guide compiled here explains all the abilities and how to play Admirer in Town Of Salem 2.

Admirer In Tower Of Salem 2

The admirer is a Town support whose ability allows him to Propose to a single person during the day. However, you can’t propose on Day 1. If the player accepts the Proposal, each of their roles would be revealed to each other and consume all the remaining proposals. If the Admirer and the player who accepts your proposal are both Town members, then they will become Lover.

The proposed player may or may not accept your proposal due to the fact that now both of you are life linked. If your Lover dies, Admirer will die with his lover. However, during the nighttime, you can care for your Lover and defend them if anyone attacks. Admirer can even remove negative stats that include Silence, Poison, Dreamweave, and Gas Douse.

If the Admirer and the player who accepts the proposal are non-town members then it will develop into a Toxic relationship. There is no lifelink when you are in a toxic relationship, however, you will be silenced for the next day.

How It Is Played

The ability of an admirer will be often used as a piece of information. The way it is played in-game is when you are a town member, you will have to accept the proposal, or else it reveals your identity as a non-town member. Instead of announcing your identity while exposing your Lover’s precious life when forming a lifelink with the Town member, stay low for 2 days until your Care ability is exhausted.

Keep updating your Will as you are a sacrificial lamb for the Town Faction. Killing the Admirer will result in their Lover’s death so most likely once your identity is revealed you will be targeted. This will allow your Town member to strategize a plan to expose the other Factions.

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