Town Of Salem 2- How To Play Spy

Town of Salem 2Town of Salem 2 is an online role-playing game where the Town members have to defend their town from the shapeshifting Covens, Neutral, and Apocalypse Faction. However, other factions can strategize and destroy the harmony of the town so learning each role’s capabilities is crucial in winning the game. Spy can be considered to be a decent character and we will let you know why?

How To Play Spy In Tower Of Salem 2

A spy is a town investigator that has the role of secretly planting a device or bug in the home to learn what is happening with the player. Whether the player has been Silenced, Attacked, Protected, Dreamweaved, Controlled, etc. Nothing is hidden from you except what your selected target is doing.

Unlike other town investigators who are distracted and fooled by Enchanters or Illusionists, so your information is always accurate. Spy can even detect hidden effects such as Hex, Douse, Insanity, Enchant, etc. You can confirm the claims of other players after keeping track of the movements based on your ability.

Whom To Bug?

Follow other Town Investigative claims during the day and decide to bug a player who might be attacked or likely be a target. On Day 1, you can bug any random player as you have nothing to go on except your hunch. However, make sure that you keep an eye on every conversation and the claims going around in the Town.

Your role is to gather information and relay them safely to the Town people without catching everyone’s attention. You have to stay in the shadow and work silently as the role suggests or else you will be the most prioritized target from all the Evil Factions.

What To Write In The Log?

Daily write what you have learned using your spy ability such as:

  • N1: Bugged (player number)- nothing
  • N2: Bugged (player number)- (MV) the number visited and the number of visits, (CV) the number visited and the number of visits.
  • N3: so on…….
Note: MV- Mafia Visited, CV- Coven Visited

Spy has no attack and no defense.

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