Honkai: Star Rail- Base Zone Locked Room 3 Authentication Key

Honkai: Star RailIn Honkai: Star Rail there is a room in Base Zone at Herta Space Station i.e. locked and requires a Triple Authentication to unlock it. Inside you can obtain a chest after defeating the enemies found. The solution to the Triple Authentication is that it requires 3 different access key card and each key are found in different areas. Here’s how to get the Triple Authentication.

Triple Authentication Access Key Cards Location At Honkai: Star Rail

First Key

The first access keycard i.e. “Corporate Access Authentication” will be found in the Master Control Zone. Next to the Internal Purchase Officer, “Wen Shiki” there will be a “Man with Afro“. Talk to him 5 times and the first access key is now in your possession.

Second Key

The second access keycard i.e. “Thousand Stars Access Authentication” will be found in the Storage Zone in the Herta Space Station. All you need to do is activate the Control Device and move forward. There are a total of 3 Control Devices that need to be activated in order to reach and get the Precious Treasure. Investigate the shining light outside the room to get the second keycard.

Third Key

The third and final access keycard i.e. “Access Authentication” will be obtained after defeating the first boss and completing the side quest “Road To Revival“.

After possessing all three access keycards, approach the door controller and use all the authentication keycards to access the room. For more guides on Honkai: Star Rail, check the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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