Bat Boy- All Lost Pets i.e. Puppies And Kittens Location

Bat BoyBat Boy is a 2D side-scrolling action platformer game where villains from other dimensions came and brainwashed all the superhero members. Only Bat Boy was left behind who is now on a mission to save all their fellow teammates from the mage, Lord Vicious. However, as a hero of justice, you can’t ignore someone who is in distress. We are tasked to find the lost puppies and kittens somewhere around the maps. The list and areas are mentioned in this guide.

All Lost Pets i.e. Puppies And Kittens Location In Bat Boy

Once you defeat the first boss “Azarus” and visit the “Groovy House” or inn; talk to the Shinobi Pigzy, who would request you to find his puppies and kittens that were last seen in specific areas. The respected areas where the puppies and kittens were last seen are mentioned below with an image to refer to.

Windy Forest (He likes to hide in blocks)

Windy Forest

Bat BoyPuppyAs per the hint above and shown in the image, the first lost puppy will be found in the area where the wind blows from bottom to top. Once you reach the shown area, break the block and interact with the puppy.

On the beach (She likes diving)


Bat BoyBat BoyBat BoyAfter activating the checkpoint, drop down and dive into the water as shown in the image. Once you reach the bottom of the floor, jump over the block and swim to the right in order to reach the hidden location where the kitten is present.

Ice Palace (Moving ice nearby)

Cape Of Izth

Bat BoyBat BoyPuppyOnce you reach the location or the checkpoint as shown in the image above, wait for the platform to go down in order to break the wall and move forward to reach the hidden location. The puppy which seems to have been lost in an Ice Palace is located here.

Haunted Manor (He is scared of ghosts)

Cliff Manor

Not yet found! Will update it soon after finding the missing pet in this area.

Cruise Trip (He likes to hide behind pigzies)

Ship Armada

Not yet found! Will update it soon after finding the missing pet in this area.

Dark Castle (Green things were chasing us!)

Dark Keep

Bat BoyKittenBat BoyOnce multiple green replicas of yourself start mimicking your moves and chasing you, keep on your toes and move quickly. In the shown image after dodging multiple spiked turtles, you will climb to the top where a find a secret location i.e. behind the wall. Walk through and interact with the kitten to get rid of your clones.

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