Planet Of Lana Pipe Puzzle Where To Find Clue & Solve

Planet of lana

Planet of Lana is a captivating new game that takes players on an extraordinary intergalactic journey. Developed by Wishfully Studios, this visually stunning platformer combines breathtaking hand-painted landscapes, enchanting music, and a heartwarming narrative. Set in a world threatened by an imminent catastrophe, players embark on an emotional quest alongside Lana and her loyal companion, exploring a universe filled with mystery and danger

. As they navigate treacherous terrain and encounter fascinating creatures, players must solve intricate puzzles and make critical choices that shape the planet’s fate. With its evocative art style and immersive gameplay, “Planet of Lana” promises an unforgettable gaming experience for adventure enthusiasts and art lovers.

The pipe puzzle is the one you will encounter in chapter 4 where you need to place four sliders properly to get the correct tune, that will open up the door. Below you will find where to find the four clues that will help you solve the pipe puzzle

Planet Of Lana Pipe Puzzle

Before reaching the pipe puzzle you will come across the area with a mural on the wall. In that mural, you will find the two clues that will help you place the sliders of the music pipe correctly. Check out the image above to find both clues.

After entering the pipe puzzle room, climb onto the ledge on the top left side and keep going forward till you reach the area which will light up once you stand on it. Let Mui keep standing in the light-up area and you need to come back to the pipe puzzle room. There on the top left side of the wall, you will find the third clue.

To find the final clue, you will have to push the wooden log toward the left side. Align all the sliders as shown in the clues and jump onto the rope to play the correct tune that will open up the locked door. Check out the image below to find the final solution to the pipe puzzle and how to place the sliders.

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