Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom- Makasura Shrine Walkthrough

Zelda Tears Of The KingdomIn The Legends Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, there is a total of 152 shrines in the Hyrule kingdom. One such would be a Makasura Shrine that requires two basic abilities in order to complete the puzzle. However, simply having the ability is not enough as it is one of the trickiest shrines. We have explained everything you need to do in the Makasura Shrine to conquer it.

Makasura Shrine Walkthrough For The Legends Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Makasura Shrine is located at the border of West Necluda and Mount Lanaryu. Once you discover it and decide to enter the shrine, the theme of the puzzle would be “An Upright Device“. The ability that will be used definitely to complete the shrine would be “Ascend“, and “Ultrahand“.

First Area

Once you enter the shrine, advance forward and use Ascend to climb onto a higher platform. At that platform, you will notice a device that will erect/fall if you hit the green device i.e. attached to the end of the pillar. Move it closer to the edge of the cliff and use “Ascend” to climb up. From there you can glide to the second area.

Second Area

Hit the device to let it stand erect and use the “Ultrahand” ability to place it on the side where the sphere is located. Use “Ascend” and jump over the fence or bars. Attach the device to the catapult and place the sphere on it before hitting it. Once you hit the device, the catapult will launch the sphere on the other side. When the sphere lands on the designated area, it will unlock the gate.

Before using “Ascend” to move back to the previous area, launch yourself to the opposite side where you launched the sphere in order to collect the treasure chest. To launch yourself use Arrow to hit the device while standing on the catapult. Use “Ultrahand” to pull out the other half of the catapult and attach it to the upright device. Once you have constructed a catapult, launch yourself to the final area where you can land and complete the shrine.

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