Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom- Sidon Of The Zora Walkthrough

Zelda Tears Of The KingdomIn The Legends Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, one of the main quests i.e. Sidon Of The Zora is related to the sludge which is troubling the Zora’s domain. The quest is interesting and it requires a specific item or armor to swim against the waterfall. Once you are done with the quest, you can explore the Hyrule with much ease. This guide explains everything you need to do in order to complete “Sidon of The Zora“.

Sidon Of The Zora Complete Walkthrough For The Legends Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

At Zora’s Domain, the main quest we get is “The Sludge Covered Statue“. The statue which is important to the Zora of the domain is covered with sludge. The sludge can be washed by throwing Splash Fruit on it. Once it is cleared, the objective or quest will be updated to “Sidon Of The Zora” which is related to the main problem sludge.

Meeting Sidon

In search of Sidon, we need to go to Mipha Court on the summit of Ploymus Mountain. However, before going to Mipha Court, you will need to acquire Zora Armor. To obtain Zora Armor, you will need to find and deliver an ancient Arowana fish.

Once you reach Mipha Court with or without the help of the Zora Armor quickly, you can find Sidon who will advise you to meet and speak with Jiahto at Toto Lake for any further information about Princess Zelda. Repair the broken Slate for Jiahto to read as it is half buried in sludge. Cleanse the blue slate using Splash Fruit and use Ultrahand to place it on the tablet to complete “The Broken Slate” quest.

In Search For King Dorephan

Once Jiahto deciphers everything, your quest will be updated to “Clues To The Sky“. Find and talk to King Dorephan in order to advance the quest. So, where to find King Dorephan? Once you meet him and obtain the necessary quest item i.e. King’s Scale you can proceed back to the Mipha Court.

Floating Scales Island

From there, you can notice a waterfall flowing down from one of the sky islands. You require Zora’s Armor to reach Floating Scales Island. So, if you have not obtained it then make sure that you return to Yona after catching the ancient Arowana fish. The Floating Scales Island as shown in the image below can be reached after swimming up the waterfall.

Zelda: Tears Of The KingdomImage Credit: mapgenie.io

Once you are at the Floating Scales Island, look out for the tear-shaped or water droplet-shaped floating rock at the edge to shoot King’s Scale to complete the quest “Clues To The Sky“.

Boss Fight (Sludge Like)

Next the updated quest “Sidon of the Zora” requires you to meet Sidon at Mipha Court where get ready for the Sludge Like”, Ambusher of Mipha Court boss fight. Defeat the boss and advance forward to the marked location in East Reservoir Lake to investigate the watery bridge. Sidon will create a whirlpool in the lake which will reveal an entrance to the lake bed.

Jump down into the whirlpool to investigate and learn clues about the watery bridge. The “Ancient Zora Waterworks” will be discovered in the Lanayru Great Spring. Unclog the sewer pipe to fill up the water in order to advance forward and complete the quest by activating a mysterious device.

Wellspring Island

After the cutscene, equip the Zora Armor in order to swim up in the waterfall to Wellspring Island in the Lanayru Great Spring Sky. After talking with Sidon, enter the bubble and move forward as marked on your map. Clean the sludge ahead with the help of a fire hydrant.

There is an Igoshon Shrine at Lanayru Great Spring Sky ahead. Conquer it and advance forward to the marked location to meet Sidon. Advance to the Water Temple where you will find the source of the Sludge. Turn on the four faucets in order to fill up the remaining 4 water vessels to cleanse the sludge.

Boss Fight (Mucktorok)

After successfully turning on all the faucets, the sludge will be cleansed and the culprit behind it i.e. “Mucktorok”, Scourge of the Water Temple will be revealed. Defeat the boss accompanied by Sidon to complete the main quest “Sidon of the Zora“.

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