Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom- Orochium Shrine Walkthrough

Zelda Tears Of The KingdomIn The Legends Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, at Hebra, Tabantha Tundra region we would find Orochium Shrine. Once you enter the Orochium Shrine aka “Courage To Fall” shrine, the ability to Ascend and use Ultrahand is enough to clear the shrine. To complete the shrine, the most important item is the sphere i.e. required in the first area. So, how do we get the sphere?

Orochium Shrine Walkthrough For The Legends Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Eliminate all the enemies which you will find inside the shrine. On the first area, left side there is an area where you can Ascend after eliminating the threat. Next, climb the stairs and crouch forward through the gap. Fall down on the right side where the door can be unlocked using your Ultrahand.

Before entering the room, collect the treasure chest i.e. located in the same vicinity. Once you open and enter the room, walk onto the first laser to reveal the underground area. Dodge the lasers and advance forward. At the end of the tunnel, you can Ascend and unlock the Treasure Chest that contains a “Small Key“.

After that point, you can Ascend to the top where the sphere is locked behind the bar. Eliminate the threats and open the gate by using the Small Key. Pick up the sphere and walk back to climb the stairs. At the corner, there is a platform where there is a lift. Stand on the lift with the sphere in your hand to go up where you will find there is a location where the sphere can be used.

Install the sphere to unlock the gate that has a hoverboard inside. Grab and pull it out using your Ultrahand. Rotate it in such a way that the hoverboard will move toward the entrance of the shrine. Place the sphere on top of the hoverboard and activate its fan using your arrow.

The hoverboard will crash on the wall and fall down on the ground. Pull out the sphere and place it on the ground to unlock the gate that will complete the Shrine and reward you with A Light Of Blessing. For more informative guides on The Legends Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, click on the link that has been mentioned below this guide:

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