Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom- Geoglyphs All Location Guide

Zelda Tears Of The KingdomIn The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, there is a task to help Impa and Cado to search and decipher after reattaching the balloon to its other half i.e. base. We need to find all 11 Geoglyphs and examine them to unlock Zelda’s memories. The memories are listed in chronological order in this guide along with the image where it is located.

All Geoglyphs Location Guide For The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Zelda: Tears Of The KIngdom

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In search for Princess Zelda, Link will come across a New Serenne Stable at North Hyrule Plain. Talk to Impa, The Sheikah Elder who will explain that at the time when Princess Zelda went missing something bizarre happened. Huge pictures appeared across fields and hills in Hyrule which are known as geoglyphs. The location of all the geoglyphs is marked in the image above.

  • Tear Of The Dragon #1 Where Am I?
  • Tear Of The Dragon #2 An Unfamiliar World
  • Tear Of The Dragon #3 Mineru’s Counsel
  • Tear Of The Dragon #4 The Gerudo Assault
  • Tear Of The Dragon #5 A Show Of Fealty
  • Tear Of The Dragon #6 Zelda And Sonia
  • Tear Of The Dragon #7 Sonia Is Caught By Treachery
  • Tear Of The Dragon #8 Birth Of The Demon King
  • Tear Of The Dragon #9 The Sages’ Vow
  • Tear Of The Dragon #10 A King’s Duty
  • Tear Of The Dragon #11 A Master Sword In Time

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