Zelda Tears of the Kingdom How To Complete Ukouh Shrine

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

The Ukouh Shrine is a revered location situated in the northern region of the Great Sky Island, just southwest of the grand Temple of Time. Its precise location is identified by the map coordinates (0275, -0910, 1460). As you embark on your journey in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, discovering the Ukouh Shrine is an essential step in acquiring the Ultrahand ability.

The challenge that awaits is deciphering the riddle and successfully completing the “Ability to Create” trial. The reward for your efforts is a Light of Blessing and a coveted treasure that will aid you on your quest. With this guide, you will navigate through the intricate pathways of the Ukouh Shrine and emerge victorious, equipped with newfound powers and an enriched sense of adventure.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom How To Complete Ukouh Shrine

To traverse the first gap on your journey to the Ukouh Shrine, you must employ the Ultrahand ability to elevate the slate of rock located on your right. Once raised to a sufficient height, carefully drop the slab, thus creating a rudimentary bridge.

Continuing on, as you make your way to the next platform, employ the power of Ultrahand to deftly combine two slate pieces in a perpendicular fashion. This adroit maneuver allows for a more extensive and robust makeshift bridge than the previous one. After this impressive feat, place the newly crafted bridge across the second gap.

Once you have safely crossed the gap, direct your attention towards the back right corner, where a pedestal supporting the Ukouh Shrine chest awaits. Utilizing your Ultrahand ability, firmly grasp the bridge you had recently traversed and deftly rotate it at a 45º angle.

Lower the elevated end onto the ledge of the pedestal, ingeniously constructing a makeshift ramp. Ascend the inclined path and claim the treasure within the chest – a dazzling piece of amber as a well-deserved reward.

In the subsequent area, employ Ultrahand to fuse the hook with a slat of wood. As you progress, a zip wire comes into view. Fasten your newly created contraption as far back on the wire as possible, aligning it with the anchor pillar.

Next, hop onto the wooden slat before it becomes out of reach and coast all the way across the chasm. Upon reaching the other side, engage with the green sigil to finalize the Ukouh Shrine and the “Ability to Create” trial, granting you a coveted Light of Blessing.

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