Voidtrain- How To Add More Carriages Or Wagon Platforms

VoidtrainWhen you start the Voidtrain, you will be allowed to ride and control a Handcar/Mechanical Engine in the void at zero gravity. You will be able to collect all the resources that are floating in the void and make use of them. As we keep on advancing forward, we will eventually reach our first depot and get a gun; from that instant, we will be allowed to upgrade our Train and add wagon platforms. Wagon Platforms will be capped at 2, so how can we increase it?

How To Add More Carriages Or Wagon Platforms At Voidtrain

More carriages mean we need more power to pull them. Instead of worrying about it, you will need to proceed with the main storyline as you will have to research and build a Steam Engine for your train eventually. It increases your wagon carriages to 4 and once each wagon is upgraded it will double its size i.e.8.

To install the Steam engine, you require:

  • Iron Bar 10x
  • Gear 4x
  • Forcer 4x
  • Copper Pipe 4x
  • Bolt 4x

Adding and upgrading the Wagon costs the same so:

  • Iron Bar 4x
  • Spring 2x
  • Bolt 2x
  • Bearing 2x

The final upgrade of the engine would be Diesel Engine. It can pull up to 12 platforms and researching Traction 1, Traction 2, Traction 3, and Traction 4 each increases the power to pull +1 platform. To build Diesel Engine, you require:

  • Steel Bar 12x
  • Damper 6x
  • Forcer 12x
  • Brass Pipe 10x
  • Sturdy Bolts 6x

There are decors you can add to make your Voidtrain look fancy. To obtain Decor, you will need to feed Rofleemo mushrooms. There are a total of 4 types of Rofleemo i.e. Defenders, Engineers, Miners, and Talisman; each having their own specialties.

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