Stranded: Alien Dawn- Air Conditioners And Heater Efficient Setup

Stranded: Alien DawnIn Stranded: Alien Dawn, we have to survive and build an environment in such a way that the survivors would never complain and their needs are fulfilled. Speaking of weather conditions, it will be normal at the beginning when we started the game and gradually the season and climate will change. This allows us to constantly work and improve in order to prepare for the upcoming changes and set up your base accordingly. In this guide, we have explained how to set up a heater and air conditioner efficiently.

Air Conditioners And Heater Efficient Setup For Stranded: Alien Dawn

Once you install Heater or Air Conditioner, the thermostat should be installed at another end of the room. Why? The room that has a heater or air conditioner installed will always heat or cool the room as long as it is on. The thermostat which is installed at the other end of the room or at the next room i.e. cold will turn on the Heater when the Threshold Temperature is breached. As it is located far away or in another room, the Heater will not turn on and off periodically instead it will keep on working efficiently.

Note: Make sure they are on the same circuit.

To prioritize turning On and Off devices manually, you will need to set Handle 1 for all the survivors. Even make sure that you install a common Power Switch to turn On and Off Heater and AC to save some energy when nobody is at the house or room during the daytime. Installing Airvent in the adjacent sleeping rooms will allow heat exchange from one room to another at night which reduces energy consumption as well. The Air Conditioner setup should be similar to of Heater as mentioned in this guide.

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