Garten Of Banban 3- How To Get White Keycard For White Door

Garten Of Banban 3In Garten Of Banban 3, there are a series of secrets hidden in the kindergarten which will be revealed while searching for your child. In the meditation room, there is a white door that requires a keycard to unlock it. This door is optional and contains a secret, so if you are not careful then the game can end without you getting the chance to explore and open the big white door. So, how and where can we find the white keycard?

How To Get White Keycard For White Door At Garten Of Banban 3

The White Keycard is placed in one of the Locker in the Progressive Sector. To reach the room, you will have to progress through the main storyline and complete the series of tasks that you are given in each Sector and room.

Once you enter the Progressive Sector, solve the birds and eggs problem of simple addition and subtraction. The egg value is 1, the blue bird is 2, and the pink bird is 4. Once we have solved all the problems, the door will open where you will spot Mr. Kabob Man that requires a costume to work.

To get his costume defeat the two-headed green chameleon in combat. Collect the two cone caps and put them on Mr. Kabob Man which will activate his system. Push it over to the room where you just solved the eggs and birds maths problem recently. There is a small door or locker that can be opened when you place him in such a way that his hands directly point at the door. Press the button and it will say “Open Sesame“.

The locker door will unlock and now you have the white keycard. Unlock the white door situated in the meditation room to unveil the secret.

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