Redfall Turn On Firestation Power & Rescue Hostage


In Redfall, players will come across a mission called “Dead in the Water,” which requires them to rescue civilians in a dangerous situation. During this mission, players will be directed to turn on the power to the Fire Station, a task that might confuse some fans of the game. To alleviate any confusion and ensure that players can progress through the game smoothly, this guide has been created to offer step-by-step instructions on how to turn on the power to the Fire Station.

Redfall How To Turn On Firestation Power

To restore power to the Fire Station in Redfall, players should first explore the building’s first floor. This is where they can find a fire truck and a set of stairs in the north corner of the room. By descending these stairs, players will arrive in the basement of the Fire Station, where they can locate the electrical meters on the far wall and interact with the switch to turn on the power.

It is crucial to keep in mind that players will not be the only ones in the Fire Station basement, as a hostile vampire will also be lurking in the area. Descending the stairs of the Fire Station, players need to reach B1F, where they will find their first weapon, a shotgun with a stake attachment. This weapon will prove invaluable in dealing with their very first vampire encounter. Fortunately, a weapon will be within the players’ vicinity to grab up and use against the vampire.

Vampires in Redfall are not pushovers, boasting considerable health reserves that put regular enemies to shame. While their abilities aren’t exactly diverse, they make up for it by lunging at players with lightning-fast movements and sharp claws that leave deep gashes. Adding to their already lethal arsenal is the ability to teleport, giving players little warning before an ambush.

To counter these dangerous predators, players need to stay alert to the distinct sounds they make, which could signal a deadly strike. It is essential to wear them down by using every advantage at their disposal before moving in for the finishing blow with a trusty stake. Successfully dispatching a vampire will reward players with character power, which is invaluable in the ongoing fight against the bloodsucking horde.

After dispatching the vampire, players should return to the location where they found the shotgun. Once the lights are back on, they should make their way back to the second floor, where the rescued civilians are waiting. Engaging them in conversation will trigger a crucial scene that marks the end of the mission.

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