Age Of Wonders 4 How To Heal Units Guide

Age Of Empires 4

Age of Wonders 4 is a game that revolves around building and maintaining strong armies. To ensure success, players must pay attention to healing their units in a timely manner. Faction units can regenerate health passively each turn, but the rate of regeneration depends on their location. Units stationed in friendly Provinces heal faster than those in unclaimed or enemy territory, and the most rapid healing occurs in friendly Cities.

To optimize the passive healing process, players can use Empire Skills such as Natural Recovery found in the Nature Affinity tree. This skill can increase the passive regeneration rate of units in a friendly Domain by +15, making it a valuable tool for quickly restoring the health of units in the field.

Age Of Wonders 4 Unit Heal Guide

Apart from the natural way of healing, Tome Spells offer the most effective means of healing units on the Realm map. The Nature and Order Tomes offer the most options for healing Spells, and one of the most advantageous early-game Spells for healing units is the Tier 1 Tome of Faith’s Army Heal. With this Spell, players can restore a significant amount of health to all units within a friendly Domain, making it a valuable tool for keeping armies in top condition.

Temporary HP can also be gained through various means in combat. Many units, such as healers and support units, have abilities that can restore Temporary HP to friendly units. Additionally, certain Spells and abilities can grant units Temporary HP, allowing them to sustain more damage during the battle. Although the healing may not be permanent, it can help keep units alive and provide an advantage in battle.

The success of a player in Age of Wonders 4 depends on their ability to recruit and maintain strong armies. Timely healing is a crucial factor in battles, and players must choose the most efficient methods of healing to keep their units ready for combat. By utilizing natural healing, Tome Spells, and Temporary HP, players can ensure that their armies are in top condition and ready to conquer the unforgiving world of Age of Wonders 4.

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