Age Of Wonders 4 How To Build Outpost & Cities

Age Of Empires 4

Age of Wonders 4 is a strategy game where Outposts play a crucial role in expanding your empire and gaining control over strategic regions on the map. Therefore, it is essential to have a clear understanding of their construction and capabilities. Outposts serve as the gateway to new territories and resources, enabling you to secure valuable locations and extend your influence. When you construct Outposts, you establish a foothold in unknown areas, which gives you a tactical edge over your opponents.

Age Of Wonders 4 How To Build Outposts

Building Outposts requires thoughtful consideration since their placement can significantly affect your expansion plans. You must weigh the advantages of securing a particular location against the expenses of establishing and maintaining an Outpost. Additionally, Outposts come with distinct abilities that can aid your progress. Depending on your goals and objectives, they can serve as production centers, research hubs, or defensive bastions.

It’s important to note that the process of constructing an Outpost can be influenced by various factors, such as the terrain, the presence of resources, or the level of opposition from rival factions. Therefore, careful planning and strategy are critical to ensuring the success of your Outpost building endeavors

To expand your empire and acquire strategic regions in Age of Wonders 4, constructing Outposts is crucial. However, certain requirements must be met before initiating the construction process. Adequate Gold must be available, and the province selected for construction must not be in close proximity to any territory containing an Outpost or a city.

Only a Hero, whether it be the ruler or a recruited Hero, can construct an Outpost. The construction process is initiated by bringing the Hero to the desired province that is marked by a green outline on the map. Once the Hero is present in the province, clicking on the Province menu located at the bottom of the screen enables the process of building an Outpost.

How To Build Cities

Building a new city in the Age of Wonders 4 is a significant undertaking that requires careful planning and consideration. The process of creating a new city begins with the establishment of an Outpost in the desired Province. However, before converting an Outpost into a city, there are several factors that you must take into account.

Firstly, the cost of converting an Outpost into a city is determined by your current Imperium level and the number of cities you already own. The cost increases as you own more cities, which can put a strain on your resources. Therefore, it’s important to assess your current resources and evaluate whether you can afford to create a new city.

Secondly, creating a new city too early can lead to a lack of resources and hamper your ability to defend against enemies. It’s crucial to balance the benefits of creating new cities with the cost of maintaining them. Delaying the conversion of an Outpost can also result in missed opportunities for growth and expansion.

By carefully balancing the costs and benefits of creating new cities, you can build a thriving empire that can withstand any challenge. Choosing the right locations, managing your resources wisely, and building your cities strategically are key to ensuring your success in Age of Wonders 4. So plan ahead, weigh your options, and make strategic decisions to achieve your goals.

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