Redfall Shipyard Key & Dead Catch Record Studio Key Location



Redfall is a video game that boasts several intriguing locations, but some of them require a key for access. The shipyard office is one such place that is critical to completing the main mission, which goes by the title of “A Voice in the Dark”. However, players should brace themselves for a challenging task when it comes to obtaining the key to the shipyard office.

Given the crucial role of the shipyard office in advancing the game’s storyline, players must exercise extra caution in locating the elusive key. Failure to do so can cause progress to stall, highlighting the importance of thoroughly exploring the game world in search of clues and hidden items. Gamers must navigate the virtual world with precision and strategy to avoid missing out on critical clues and locations.

Redfall Shipyard Key & Dead Catch Record Studio Key Location

Obtaining the shipyard office key is vital in completing the main mission and fully experiencing the game’s immersive and captivating storyline. This starts with visiting the Dead Catch Records location in the town of Basswood. To facilitate this task, the location is often marked on the player’s map with a yellow circle, indicating its importance in the game.

To find a purpose for the item, players must advance further into the game. After successfully disabling the radio broadcast, the quest will prompt players to journey to the shipyard mentioned in the transmission. Upon arrival, players will encounter several foes both outside and inside the shipyard. Overcoming all of them is necessary to progress in the quest.

Upon arriving at Dead Catch Records, players must explore the environment to locate the key. This requires searching every nook and cranny, examining every corner of the premises, and interacting with NPCs (non-playable characters) to obtain valuable clues. Check the first floor to find the Dead Catch Record Studio key on the white table. Take this key to the second floor and open the record studio door using this key. Enter the recording studio and on the table, you can find the shipyard key.

Once the key is in hand, players must proceed to the shipyard located in the northwest and navigate their way to the uppermost level of the warehouse. The shipyard office is situated on the highest floor of the warehouse. However, caution is crucial as there will be an adversary present inside the office when players open the door.

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