The Last Case Of Benedict Fox How To Solve Piano Puzzle

The Last Case Of Benedict Fox

In The Last Case Of Benedict Fox the piano puzzle can prove to be one of the most frustrating challenges due to its second part. In this section, you must inspect the symbol displayed on the piano and recreate it on the conundrum device. Once accomplished, a small door on the piano will open, revealing a rolling device containing several notes along with a green line. Your task is to press the correct keys when the green line passes over them. This sequence comprises three tiers, and if you fail during tier 3, you must restart from the beginning of tier 1.

The Last Case Of Benedict Fox How To Solve Piano Puzzle

There are eight notes that can be played, with four of them being relatively simple and achievable with a single button on the keyboard. For the remaining four notes, you must press two keys simultaneously. At times, the keyboard may fail to recognize both keys, causing you to miss a note and start over from tier 1.

You do not need to input all the notes simultaneously; you must wait for the rolling device to complete one rotation before inputting one note at a time. Take your time to input the notes correctly, or you will face severe consequences.

On the keyboard, A2, B2, C3, and E3 can be played by pressing I, L, K, and J respectively. To play A4, C2, D3, and G4, you must press I+L, L+K, K+J, and J+I respectively. While tier 1 can be easily completed with a single button, tiers 2 and 3 require careful pressing. On the controller, you must flick the stick to the correct note to play it, and if you flick it in the wrong direction, the puzzle will reset.

For players using a keyboard, the developers have mentioned that a hotfix will soon be available where you must press, hold and release the buttons to register the note, rather than just pressing the button. This will help you solve the piano puzzle with ease. For those who still face difficulty in solving the puzzle, they can access the settings and choose the option to auto-solve the puzzle. This way, a prompt will appear to auto-solve the puzzles for each challenge.

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