Subnautica Below Zero How To Defeat Ghost Leviathan

Subnautica Below Zero

In the popular game Subnautica Below Zero, players face a daunting challenge when it comes to defeating the ghost Leviathan. Even as juveniles, these creatures are dangerous, with a high damage level of 84. This makes them one of the most hazardous creatures in the game, and players must be well-prepared to face them. The Ghost Leviathan is a unique creature, and players must defeat it to progress in the game.

Ghost Leviathans are found in the Blood Kelp and Grand Reef biomes as adults, and their juveniles stalk the Lost River. If players venture too far from the designated map, three additional adult Ghost Leviathans will spawn in the Crater Edge and pursue players until they are defeated or until they reach safety.

Subnautica Below Zero How To Defeat Ghost Leviathan

To defeat the Ghost Leviathan, players must be equipped with powerful weapons and a well-equipped vehicle. The Prawn Suit, which is equipped with the Drill Arm and the grapple arm module, can be particularly effective. The Cyclops submarine, batteries, and stasis rifle are also necessary.

While battling Leviathans in Subnautica, players should be aware that these creatures have an enormous amount of health. For instance, the Shadow Leviathan has a staggering 5000 hit points. Therefore, defeating them can be a lengthy and challenging process, even with the right tools and tactics.

The Prawn Suit Drill Arm and grapple arm can deal damage to these creatures, but it is relatively small. The Drill Arm’s targeting area is larger than that of the grapple arm, making it more effective for hitting the Leviathan’s vulnerable spots. However, it can still take a considerable amount of time to defeat a Leviathan, even with these tools.

Players should aim for the Ghost Leviathan’s vulnerable spots, located on its head and along its back. A Stasis Rifle can temporarily freeze the creature, making it easier to land shots in these areas. The drill and grapple arms should be used to inflict damage. During the battle, players must stay agile, as the Ghost Leviathan moves quickly and attacks from multiple angles. They should be prepared to dodge attacks and maneuver around obstacles in the environment. Keeping a supply of health packs and a recharging tool like the Repair Tool on hand is crucial to ensure survival during the fight.

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