Stranded: Alien Dawn- How To Build Second Floor

Stranded: Alien DawnIn Stranded: Alien Dawn, safely and creatively organizing the plan to advance your civilization is key to survival in this game. The more we play and get used to the basics, the more we like to experiment. In this guide, we have explained how construction works in this game and how to build a base that has multiple floors in it.

How To Build Floors In Stranded: Alien Dawn

Once you are able to Research, it is recommended to always prioritize the Antibiotics and Construction Basics before winter hits. Building a base i.e. too big from the beginning is not healthy as your survivor will take a long time to travel and transport items. Now, comes the question of whether we can build a two-floor house to minimize and organize your base properly.

No, it is not possible to introduce a floor on top of another as the roof constricts it. However, you can lower or increase the level of the floor with Z and X. Next attach stairs to climb and access the lower or upper level floor. Build a door and install carpet to completely create a proper room as any part of the house i.e. missing carpet will irritate and decrease their happiness. “Cave Dweller” stat will often appear which can only be resolved after installing a carpet all over your house.

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