Honkai: Star Rail- The Adventurous Moles Puzzle Location Guide

StarrailIn Honkai: Star Rail we are all busy grinding Relics or completing main/side missions. Few missions are straightforward whereas other few are puzzles that you need to solve after deciphering the contents listed. In this guide, we have explained everything you need to do in order to complete the side mission “The Adventurous Moles” quickly and efficiently.

The Adventurous Moles Puzzle Location Guide At Honkai: Star Rail

Considering that you have obtained “The Adventurous Moles” side mission from a kid named Julian who is found near Natasha’s Clinic. You will obtain a Table Of Contents to refer to under Inventory —–> Missions and search all the highlighted areas. The same Table Of Contents is listed below:

  • The Unexpected Parchment:

Near the entrance of an open-air cafe in Backwater Pass.

  • The Missing Miner’s Lamp:

In Boulder Town’s Great Mine.

  • The Crates Are The Keys:

In a cave with storage shelves in Rivet Town.

  • Treasure Hunt On The Battlefield:

In The Trenches Deep within the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone leading to the Snow Plains…

Walkthrough All Location For The Adventurous Mole

The Missing Miner's Lamp

The first location you will need to go as per direction from Julian will be the Great Mine of Boulder Towns. So, all you need to do is teleport into the Great Mine. Move uphill and collect “The Missing Miner’s Lamp” i.e. found on top of the barrel.

The map will highlight where you need to go. Enter the mine and you will find a Miner’s Lamp placed on top of the box. Pick it up and place it on the pipe behind the fence where similar miner’s lamps are already arranged in the same area. At the missing spot place the Miner’s Lamp to solve the riddle that will reveal the precious treasure.

Collect the Bountiful Treasure and go back to talk to Julian. Now, you will need to find the remaining Treasures based on the storybook’s table of contents.

The Unexpected Parchment

Honkai: Star RailTeleport to Transport Hub in Backwater Pass. Go to the marked location as shown in the image above. At the Yellow colored location, you will find the Missing Page on the bench. At Red colored location, you will notice one of the chairs outside the cafe will be upside down on top of a table. Lift it up and lay it flat on the ground. The puzzle will be solved and the chest will appear.

The Crates Are The Keys

Honkai: Star RailTeleport to the Abandoned Market in Rivet Town. As shown in the image above, you will find the note at the yellow-colored marked location. The next interaction would be at the red-colored location where you will have to “Pick up the crate on top” and “Place it in the middle” at the purple-colored location. Once it is done, the Bountiful Treasure Chest will appear.

Treasure Hunt On The Battlefield

Teleport to Frontline in Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone. The note will be close to the wall of the Teleport zone Frontline. The vicinity in the Frontline would be barbed defense and gun racks. There is a total of 3 gun racks where you have to “Pick up the nearby gun” and “Put it on the gun rack“. Once you have repeated this action 3 times on 3 different racks, the Bountiful Treasure chest will appear.

Return back to Boulder Town in order to talk to Julian. Next, you will have to deliver the book to Nika who will be found in the Administrative District to complete the quest. For more guides on Honkai: Star Rail, check the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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