Honkai: Star Rail- How To Unlock & Farm Relics All Possible Ways

StarrailOnce we get into Honkai: Star Rail, there are a bunch of features that will be locked at the beginning in order to let us get familiar with how the game works and progress smoothly. There is a section for Relics in the Character Screen. As any of us who are familiar with this genre of the game knows, Relics are an item that substantially boosts your combat prowess. So, many of us are eager to learn how and when will it be unlocked. How to farm Relics efficiently and how to get high-rarity Relics? We have covered everything in this guide.

How To Unlock Relic In Honkai: Star Rail

The relic section will be unlocked once you hit Trailblaze Level 14 and follow the main quest i.e. “Ones Fallen Into The Abyss“. You will be introduced to the Relic and a Cavern of Corrosion. Once you equip, we can notice that there are different Set Effect bonuses for each Relic. The way to achieve and obtain your choice of relics is through farming and grinding mostly.

How To Farm Relics

There are multiple ways in which you can unlock and obtain Relics. The most reliable and primary way to farm Relic is through Cavern Of Corrosion. The Cavern of Corrosion will be unlocked after you reach Level 24 Trailblaze Power and gain access to the quest “The Stars Are Cold Toys“. To enter a Cavern Of Corrosion, 40 Trailblaze Power is consumed per attempt to Cavern of Corrosion. The material you can obtain will be shown under Interastral Guide —–> Survival Index.

Another way to farm Relics would be by completing the side quest and main quest but it is way too randomly generated. There are even vendors who sell Relics that might be useful until you unlock the Cavern Of Corrosion. The final way to farm Relics would be to select and complete Simulated Universe for different worlds later on.

How To Farm Endgame Relics

The highest form of rarity in relics is gold. You can start getting gold relics after you hit Trailblaze Level 40. Gold Relics can be upgraded up to 15 times with superior stats compared to purple relics which is 12 times so it is an obvious endgame item. Farm unless you have the perfect set combination and stats for each character.

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