The Last Case Of Benedict Fox Investigate House Escape Loop

The Last Case Of Benedict Fox

In “The Last Case of Benedict Fox,” one of the final quests of the game involves solving the murder of the father and mother. To uncover the details of the mother’s murder, players must explore the mansion and navigate a tricky loop in order to escape. Below is a brief guide on how to find the details of the mother’s murder and successfully exit the loop.

Figure Out Mother Murder Details

Firstly, if players have already solved the father’s murder details, they need to reach a location anchor point where the game will prompt them to tie up any loose ends. From there, players must teleport back to the house and start the quest called Mirage.

During the Mirage quest, players will encounter a number of characters including Harry, the Tattooist, and the Weaponsmith. These characters will be rude to Benedict, but players must persevere and continue to investigate the house. As they explore the mansion, they will hear someone playing the piano.

To progress, players must investigate the piano and then interact with the record, which will trigger the loop. However, players must escape the loop by finding a specific item and interacting with it. Only then will players be able to uncover the details about the mother’s murder?

The Last Case Of Benedict Fox How To Escape The Loop

To escape the loop, players must listen for a sound that indicates they are moving in the wrong direction. If they hear this sound, they must move to the left until they reach the bedroom, which will be the last room on the left side. Once inside the bedroom, players do not need to get to the wall. Instead, they must quickly exit the room to enter a dark room.

Similarly, when players hear the sound in the dark room, they must turn around and move in the opposite direction until they find the item to interact with. By doing so, players will successfully escape the loop and progress through the game.

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