The Last Case Of Benedict Fox How To Solve All Chess Puzzle

The Last Case Of Benedict Fox

In The Last Case Of Benedict Fox during the later part of the game, you will come across a few chess puzzles. Not all the puzzles will be similar. For some, you need to use the conundrum notes, for the other one you need to decode from the piano tune, and for the third one you need to figure out from the diagram how to solve it. To reach the location and find details about the father’s murder, you need to solve a few chess puzzles. Below you will find the solution to the chess puzzles and board moves.

The Last Case Of Benedict Fox Solve Chess Puzzles

For the first chess puzzle on the right side of the board, you can see two symbols. Open the dairy to find what the symbol denotes and move the chess pieces. The instruction will be an alphabet and a number. At the bottom of the board you can find each alphabet for a block and on the left side you can find the numbers. First, you need to move the pawn from H2 to H4 and then the queen from D1 to H5

One more chess puzzle you will encounter beside a piano. On the piano keys, you can find the number and follow the tune to move the chess pieces to solve this puzzle. First, you need to move the rook from H1 to H8 and then the bishop from E2 to H5.

After that, you will find one more chess puzzle with a diagram of instructions on how to solve it. First, you need to move the rook from E3 to G3 and the opponent queen will move. Then again move the rook from G3 to G7.

Note: There is one more chess puzzle in the secret room that opens up when you play the piano. To solve that chess puzzle you need to obtain some of the pieces by solving the puzzles above.

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