Stranded: Alien Dawn- What Should Be The Bedroom Size?

Stranded: Alien Dawn

In Stranded: Alien Dawn each and every detail matters to survive and function properly on an alien planet. Due to incorrect planning in setting up the base, all the survivors will gradually be affected poorly decreasing their happiness and health. According to each player’s choice, the base size and location differ as there are resources all over the planet. What remains the same as well is one of the most important parts of the game is a bedroom for each survivor. So, what would the bedroom look like when it is built most efficiently?

Most Efficient Bedroom Size To Build In Stranded: Alien Dawn

At the beginning of the game, you can build Scrap Metal Shelter or Stick Shelter depending on the resources you have found. Each shelter should have one bed so the dimension 3×2 is sufficient. When the survivors are new, they would want to have their own shelter and bed. Make sure that the shelters are built far from each other as a few light sleepers might get disturbed and lose happiness. The happiness of the survivors is our main concern so, building shelter i.e. close to the workbenches or noise will also affect it negatively.

As the days are passed by, make sure you create an extra shelter that has a dimension of 4×5 or bigger if needed. Why big shelters are constructed? Each survivor prefers to have their own private room. This will generate max happiness and as time goes on, survivors would develop feelings and want to sleep together. So building a private shelter that has two beds and extra free space for Air Vent and other electronics should be considered.

To remain healthy and stay safe from all types of weather changes, it is recommended to build a proper shelter as fast as you can. Each survivor has a heat and cold tolerance level which is useful for assigning and building a shelter. Select Furniture and under it, you can build Dartboard, Punching Pole, and Shooting Target to let them have fun in their free time. The boost of happiness will prevent anyone from having a meltdown.

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