Stranded: Alien Dawn- How To Solve Cave Dweller

Stranded: Alien DawnStranded: Alien Dawn is a strategic simulation game where we have to survive and defend the base from incoming threats on an unknown alien planet. The threat can be of many types, and majorly we focus on physical threats. However, if your mental fortitude regresses i.e. your happiness decreases, your survivor will have a meltdown which will affect himself as well as nearby surroundings. So, what is Cave Dweller, and why the stats are seen daily even though we have advanced technologically?

How To Solve Cave Dweller In Stranded: Alien Dawn

Even after living a cozy lifestyle in the big house, the mood of the survivors fluctuates and claims that they are still Cave Dweller. The Cave Dweller stat gives -5 happiness. To solve it permanently, you will need to add flooring. Go Building —–> Flooring—–> Skinbark Carpet, to install it all over the house. Once the carpet is built completely, you will notice that the Cave Dweller stat will not appear and your survivor’s happiness will not be affected.

Even though happiness can be increased if you provide proper meals, clothes, and build items of furniture. It is alarming to not know and be clueless regarding the negative stats that affect your survivor’s happiness because you will not be able to fix the issue. Now, there is one less thing to worry.

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