Star Wars Jedi Survivor Alignment Control Center Puzzle Solution

Star Wars Jedi Survivor

As a survivor in the tumultuous Star Wars universe, there are myriad places to discover and explore on the planet of Koboh in Jedi Survivor. Among these, the Alignment Control Center stands out, featuring seven enigmatic screens that challenge your problem-solving prowess.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the details of the Alignment Control Center puzzle, demystifying its intricacies and offering expert tips for overcoming its challenges. While the puzzle itself isn’t particularly complex, it does require players to journey through the majority of the game and engage in extensive exploration in order to uncover the clues necessary to solve it. You’ll be able to decode the Alignment Control Center screens and unlock the valuable reward that awaits you with the help of the guide

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Alignment Control Center Puzzle

For the Control Center in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, look for the Untamed Downs region of Rambler’s Reach. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll encounter an intriguing entrance featuring seven screens to your left, some of which may be illuminated in an enigmatic green hue. As you venture further into the Center, you’ll come across three spinning discs and a terminal that beckons you to interact with it.

You’ll need to complete all seven of the game’s challenging Jedi Chambers. As you progress through the game, you’ll likely have already tackled a few of these chambers, and each successful completion will cause one of the seven screens in the Alignment Control Center to transition from red to green.

The reward for successfully solving the Alignment Control Center puzzle in Jedi Survivor is nothing short of indispensable. Upon completing the puzzle, players will unlock the Map Upgrade: Upgrades, which offers a powerful tool for optimizing your gameplay experience. With this upgrade, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive map that displays all the upgrades you have yet to uncover.

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