The Last Case Of Benedict Fox How To Open Numeric Door Puzzle

The Last Case Of Benedict Fox is a metroidvania game where you need to traverse multiple times through the same routes. As you progress in the game, you will obtain new items that will unlock new pathways. You need to have certain abilities, documents, or devices to be able to open certain doors.

In this game, you will come across various different types of puzzles and block walls. These puzzles can be solved only if you have the conundrum device and the conundrum notes. This device will help you send out waves and the notes will help you decipher the symbols into numbers. One such puzzle you will come across is the numeric door puzzle. That will have a symbol in the middle that you need to decipher and enter the correct number. Below you will find how to read the conundrum notes, understand symbols, and solve the numeric door puzzle.

Numeric Door Puzzle How To Open The Last Case Of Benedict Fox

Before you can open the numeric door, you need to first understand the conundrum notes. You need to be able to decipher the symbols to their number value or form symbols in the device by looking at numbers. To open the numeric door, you need to correctly enter the number on the dial by looking at the symbols on the door.

In the conundrum notes or dairy, you can find all the 1000th symbols on the bottom left side. All the 100th symbols face the bottom right side. The 10th symbols are facing the top left side and the numbers 1-9 are facing the top right side. Once you figure out how to read the symbols and convert them to numbers you can easily open the numeric door and solve the puzzle. To open the numeric door, you need to correctly guess the number three times.

You can check out the previous guide HERE on where to find the Conundrum Notes.

Note: You need to add up the symbols as well as the number to get the final result of the puzzle.

Walkthrough After Getting The Device

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