The Last Case Of Benedict Fox Drawer & Symbol Door Code

The Last Case Of Benedict Fox

In the Metroidvenia games, there is no linear progression of the game, players can acquire some ability beforehand or explore some areas before they should. You could do the same thing in The Last Case Of Benedict Fox by opening the drawer in James’ study before finding the code or opening the symbol door that you can find on the right side of the mansion. The post can be a bit of a spoiler for all the players and below you will find the drawer and symbol door code solution.

The Last Case Of Benedict Fox How To Open Drawer

drawer code

At the beginning of the game while investigating the house, in James’s study room you will find your wallet, key, note, and a locked drawer with some symbols on it. Take the key to open the basement door and find your father’s body. When the first time you will enter your father’s body, you won’t be able to explore many areas and can’t double jump despite shown in the tutorial.

Librarian Lair

To unlock double jump and find the drawer code, you need to defeat the first boss called Librarian. You can find the image above to find the location of the librarian. After defeating the librarian take the elevator to the library where can watch a memory. In that memory, you will find the drawer code and after opening the drawer you will unlock the companion double jump ability.

The Last Case Of Benedict Fox Symbol Door Code

note with symbol

To find the symbol door code of the house, you need to first save the mirror lady. You can only do so after unlocking double jump and defeating the librarian. After saving the mirror lady, you will be blocked by a conundrum wall puzzle. Check out our previous guide on how to solve this wall puzzle. Near this wall, you will find a note that will show you how to unlock the symbol door code. The location of the note can be found in Father’s Limbo in the image below.

Walkthrough After Getting The Device

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