Stranded: Alien Dawn- How To Get Liquid Fuel

Stranded: Alien DawnIn Stranded: Alien Dawn, whenever we start a playthrough and advance our civilization; one of the most important resources with which we all struggle is to farm Liquid Fuel. Unless we have a stable income source of Liquid Fuel, we would be stuck managing and starving in dire environments. In this guide, we have explained all the ways in which you can obtain Liquid Fuel.

How To Get Liquid Fuel At Stranded: Alien Dawn

Liquid Fuel can be obtained from Scavenging Spaceship debris which is useful at the beginning. However, the best way is to observe Tall plants as they would provide Grains. Harvest and after researching Oil Extraction, you can be allowed to install Oil Press that can generate oils and fats which is absolutely necessary if your priority is Liquid Fuel.

From grain, you can be able to obtain Vegetable Oil that will be processed further into Liquid Fuel via Fuel Mixing under Metal Workbench. Animal Fats (Insect Meat) are also needed to produce Liquid Fuel that can be unlocked after Researching Insect Fats.

You can tame or search for Ulfens and Drommies as their wastes or poop can be processed to create Liquid Fuel in Workbench. These animals eat vegetables and if you successfully tame these creatures depending on the map and planet, you will not have to stress on the shortage of meat and what to feed them.

There is breakthrough research i.e. Fuel Fermentation for Fermentation Barrel that help produce Liquid Fuel using Raw Insect Meats. The time required to is much greater compared to other choices, so it is not best to depend on Fermentation Barrel for Liquid Fuel.

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