Stranded: Alien Dawn- How To Generate And Save Electricity

Stranded: Alien DawnIn Stranded: Alien Dawn, the group of researchers and survivalists are banded together to survive on a planet that has a hostile environment and unpredictable weather conditions. It is one of the anticipated building simulation games which is finally live where we can devise our own strategy to maximize the efficiency and mood to function properly. One of the reasons we rush to produce electricity is to increase your base defense and comfortability. So, let’s learn how to generate, build and consume electricity in such a way that you will never lack power.

How To Generate And Save Electricity At Stranded: Alien Dawn

As we advance and start preparing for every essential thing that is required to increase happiness and work together alongside each survivor, we learn that power is a basic necessity. Ranging from living a comfortable life in base to using defense mechanisms for destroying incoming dangers. Everything relies solely mostly on power.

The first thing we need to build would be a Diesel Generator as a backup to provide consistent power to the electrical devices. However, as it is a backup source, make sure that you connect the Power Poles to transfer electricity where the power is required. Solar Panels and Wind turbines would be the main source of Power generation and stack Batteries as can store an excess amount of Power that has been generated. Now these are the basics of generating and stocking Power which we have completed. Next on the list is how to manage the electricity i.e. generated.

Build a low-battery sensor. Select the threshold of low battery sensor depending on what you think is alarming. Ranging from 30-50% you can select any number to which you want to switch the circuit to use a Backup source i.e. Diesel Generator. What you need is to connect all the power sources into the same network as Low Battery Sensor. Next, select the “Active Circuit” to any number say 1; and change Diesel Generators “Control Circuit” to the same number 1.

Build a Day/Night Sensor and Motion Sensor machine that only activates during the night and when it detects motion respectively that reduces electricity consumption. Connecting Machine Gun Turret with the Motion Sensor machine is a no-brainer if you have enough Power source to function. Power network and assigning each of the machines circuit control to balance the production and consumption of electricity is one of the most important aspects of the game.

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