Starrail Search For The Minecart Parts Ones Fallen Into The Abyss


Honkai Starrail is a role-playing game with turn-based battles developed by miHoYo. In the quest “Ones Fallen Into The Abyss” you will unlock a new feature and a companion robot who will help you find missing parts. While the quests seem simple and straightforward, you will come across an area with a broken cart that you need to fix with the help of your robot friend. Below you will find how to use this robot to find the missing cart parts.

Starrail Ones Fallen Into The Abyss Quest

To embark on this quest, you must have a Trailblaze level of 14. Talk to Seele and enter the Great Mine to start investigating a commotion. Once inside, head deep into the mines to assist the miners. However, the path will be blocked by crates and a broken cart, where you’ll find a bot called Findie. Use this Home-Use Object finder to locate the missing mine cart parts.

Once you’ve placed Findie, it will point you toward a treasure chest. Place it again near the chest, and it will indicate the location of the missing cart parts to the left of the chest. Place Findie in that spot, and it will help you find the missing parts.

Starrail Search For The Minecart Parts

Follow the light indicator to determine the distance between the hidden object and the object finder. Red light means the hidden object is far away, while green indicates that it might be nearby. Keep following these lights until you reach the location of the missing parts, and use the finder while standing on top of them to reveal them.

Continue exploring the Great Mine to find the boss, Automaton Grizzly, whom you must defeat to complete the quest. Your rewards for completing the quest are Phase Flame x1, Tree Bark of Erudition x4, Ancient Part x5, and Credit x47.

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