StarRail All Hidden Children Location Hide & Seek Quest


The quest in StarRail requires the player to embark on the daunting challenge of locating three children within an incredibly limited and confined space. It is evident that the game’s developers have dedicated their efforts to creating an intriguing and challenging experience for the player. As a result of the intricate design of this quest, finding all three children can prove to be incredibly arduous and time-consuming.

In light of this, we have tried to explore the area extensively and uncover the precise locations of all three children that we will guide you. In the quest Hide-and-Seek, there are three children to be found: Julian, Hook, and Moles Sidekick. While two of them are relatively easy to find, the third one can be a daunting task.

StarRail Find All The Hidden Children & Win

After scouring the area for some time, March 7th will eventually stumble upon a peculiar occurrence that raises suspicions. Upon closer inspection, March 7th will begin to notice something odd about this person, particularly their voice which sounds surprisingly childish. The individual in question will try their best to fake maturity and convince March 7th that he is just a grown man passing through the area. However, March 7th will not be easily fooled, and you can quickly deduce that this person is none other than Julian, the first child they have been searching for.

In order to successfully locate Hook, you must move towards the southern region of the quest area. Upon reaching this area, they will notice a yellow-colored glowing stone, which will serve as a helpful guidepost. From there, you can make a sharp left turn, where you will be able to spot Hook cleverly concealed behind a cluster of crates.

Now for the third kid Moles Sidekick in the Honkai: Star Rail Hide-and-Seek quest, you must first head towards the northeastern section of the quest circle on the map. Upon reaching this area, you should scan their surroundings for a group of boxes located on the left side. By directing their attention towards this spot, you will be able to spot Moles Sidekick, who is cleverly hiding behind the boxes.

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