Honkai: Star Rail- How To Unlock Preservation Trailblazer Fire

Honkai: Starrail

While exploring your Character Screen, we must have seen that there are two Paths for the Trailblazers in Honkai: Star Rail. If you are wondering how to unlock the Path of Preservation which will lead you to master a different elemental type then we have everything covered in this guide.

How To Unlock Path Of Preservation Trailblazer To Learn Fire Type In Honkai: Star Rail

By default, the Path of Destruction will be unlocked which is a physical type. However, you can unlock another Path that allows your Trailblazer to excel in Fire Type attacks. Therefore, to unlock the Path of Preservation, you will need to reach Jarilo-VI and straightforwardly complete the Trailblazer main story quest. Once you return back by finding a way to escape the strange space into reality, you will be able to access the Path of Preservation.

To change your current Path of Destruction to the Path of Preservation, you will need to open your Character Screen Page to Switch. To Ascend your character, the Material, and Credit required are mentioned below:

  • Ascension Rank 1: (Level/Credit/Material) required- 20 / 3200 / Thief’s Instinct x4
  • Ascension Rank 2: (Level/Credit/Material) required- 30 / 6400 / Thief’s Instinct x12
  • Ascension Rank 3: (Level/Credit/Material) required- 40 / 12800 / Enigmatic Ecostella x4, Usurper’s  Scheme x5
  • Ascension Rank 4: (Level/Credit/Material) required- 50 / 32000 / Enigmatic Ecostella x6, Usurper’s Scheme x10
  • Ascension Rank 5: (Level/Credit/Material) required- 60 / 64000 / Enigmatic Ecostella x8, Conqueror’s Will x4
  • Ascension Rank 6: (Level/Credit/Material) required- 70 / 128000 / Enigmatic Ecostella x10, Conqueror’s Will x6

The Main DPS that can be registered revolving around Trailblazer Fire Type and do wonders would be Arlan when all the aggro is aimed towards Trailblazer. For more guides on Honkai: Star Rail, check the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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